What started as a long list of bookmarks has finally resulted in a repository of curated content. We're happy to invite everyone to our little repository and share everything we've found.

We’re happy to announce that Cryptocurated has opened its doors. Over the last few years the cryptoverse has expanded exponentially and has gained more and more media attention. With more people joining the bandwagon and fiat currency streaming into the market, it’s becoming increasingly important to guide new people into the right direction. Especially due to the decentralised nature of crypto, the responsibility has shifted to the community.

With Cryptocurated we want contribute to this community and help separate the wheat from the chaff. We are huge fans and very inspired by Product Hunt and want to achieve something similar for the cryptoverse. With Cryptocurated, we want to guide beginners (but also experienced) crypto users to the right kind of information, content, services and products.

Contributions & Collaborations

We are a small group of people that have built this and are managing this in our spare time. You can imagine we could use some extra hands. So if you feel that you can help us, get in touch with us and tell us in what capacity you wish/can help us. We’re always on lookout for contributors and content managers.

If you’re an organisation or company and wish to partner up with us, we’ll be more than happy to hear from you! Let us know how you want collaborate and we’ll get to you asap!

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